GP & GPN Fellowship Opportunities within Bromley

Bromley Education and Training Hub (BETH) are working with HEE to provide some exciting Fellowship roles for GPs and GPNs in Bromley.

Fellowship posts are intended to meet current and future primary care workforce needs. In developing the offer for GPs and GPNs; the Bromley Education and Training Hub (BETH) are working with HEE to provide some exciting Fellowship roles for GPs and GPNs in Bromley.

Whether you are newly qualified, about to achieve your CCT or are within your first five years post qualification we have an option for you.

Option 1:

There is funding available for seven fellows across South East London. This fellowship requires commitment to sessions at Stewart House, Russell Square in Central London on a Tuesday throughout the year.

The course content includes:

  • Module 1: Healthcare Practice (M level 20 credits)

  • Module 2: Leadership: Advancing Innovation and Transforming Healthcare (M level 20 credits)

  • Module 3: Negotiated Module; professional development (M level 20 credits) based on a systematic, reflective inquiry into a service development based on clinical specialist field of study (M level 20 credits)

Option 2:

There is funding available for 7-8 fellowship positions with BETH. These positions follow the promise by NHS England of fellowship roles for all newly qualified GPs and GPNs.

Fellowship Plan:

  • Induction: All fellows must attend the induction course which will be a 2-day course.

  • Clinical Work: The fellow must hold a substantive salaried or partnership contract with a practice, PCN or federation working 4-7 sessions per week in general practice

  • Weekly Development/Peer Support Sessions: Participants will commit to a weekly half-day development session. This involves programme participants sharing knowledge, experience or practical help with each other. The fellowship offer includes the bursary contribution for this one session per week. Participants may also use some of these sessions to develop skills in an area of interest or work towards higher qualifications.

  • Mentorship: Mentors are highly experienced professionals who can provide support, advice and an objective view on how the programme participant can develop and progress in their working environment. There is an expectation that the mentor and mentee will meet or speak for one hour every 4 weeks.

There is scope for developing these fellowship roles to your specific interests so please contact us for more information.

Send us your expression of interest or get in contact with us to discuss this in more detail.

Contact: Dr Natasha Hoare,