Bromley Trainers Workshop

What is the workshop?

The workshop is made up of General Practitioners that supervise GP trainees in the London Borough of Bromley. Bromley is located in South London and is the largest borough in Greater London and is one of the most rural.

Its role is to facilitate the professional development of established and new trainers. In order to achieve this the content of workshops aims to include both educational activities as well as necessary business issues. We meet locally on a regular basis and we keep minutes of the meetings and an attendance report which we provide to Health Education England annually.

Workshop Dates

The workshop meets 5 times per year. We try to mix up the days of the week and the times to ensure that everyone is able to attend at least some of the time. We encourage everyone to attend our annual away days.

Forthcoming dates are as follows:

No event listings are currently available - please check back soon.

What is the Purpose of the workshop?

To assist the development of Trainers in teaching, supervising and mentoring of GP trainees within a safe environment, which offers support and encouragement to all trainers.

To provide a place for discussion. This includes the discussion of new information around the practicalities of training as well as a safe forum for discussion of difficult individual training issues.

To offer peer review of trainers teaching methods, via video or direst observation and to allow trainers to benchmark their methods and outcomes with peers. There is opportunity to calibrate work place based assessments, especially COTS and CBDs to and ESRs.

To share national and HEE guidance relating to GP speciality training and to agree local guidelines on registrars needs such as out of hours arrangements and study leave.

To link with the GP Training Programme Directors regarding the needs and content of the local training plan, and to liaise with ‘Out Of Hours’ providers and clinical supervisors.