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This incorporates up to date guidelines and evidence in the diagnosis and management of hypertension and CVD risk, including familial, hypercholesterolaemia, atrial fibrillation, dyslipidaemia and other cardiovascular disease related conditions. This has been accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), therefore, if you are a GP you would be entitled to learning credits. …

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This covers the core areas of immunisation that practitioners need to be familiar with to deliver immunisations safely and effectively and to answer parents’/patients’ questions confidently and accurately. Certificate available on completion of the module. Suitable for all healthcare practitioners with a role in immunisation whether they advise on or deliver immunisations. Read more

Introduction to Mindfulness

This provides a definition of mindfulness, the evidence for it and where to get more information for further resources and support. Suitable for all NHS and social care staff. Read more

Making Every Contact Count

This is designed to develop an understanding of public health and the factors that impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. It focuses on how asking questions and listening effectively to people. Suitable for all NHS and social care staff. Read more

Mental Health Awareness

This is designed to give a broad overview of what encompasses mental illness, the link between mental and physical health diagnoses and outline some possible treatment options. These sessions provide general strategies to help support individuals who are worried about their mental health and advice about where to find extra support. There are three programmes …

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This provides training in emotional and behavioural “first aid” as well as essential therapeutic skills for all those involved in the mental wellbeing and care of children and young people in the UK. Suitable for all NHS and social care staff. Read more

Modern Slavery

This provides an overview of the issue of modern slavery. It is aimed at helping staff recognise the signs that someone has been trafficked, and to take appropriate action with confidence. Suitable for all NHS and social care staff. Read more

Occupational Health

This aims to improve knowledge, skills and confidence when dealing with issues relating to work and health. Suitable for GPs, GP trainees and other primary care health professionals. This can be used as part of the CPD credit scheme for GPs. Read more

Person-Centred Approaches

This introduces the behaviours, knowledge and skills for person-centred approaches, including the values, core communication and relationship building skills, engaging people and enabling and supporting people. The 11 sessions will take approximately 5 hours to complete. Suitable for all NHS and social care staff. Read more

Physical Activity and Health

This prepares staff to champion the benefits of physical activity with their patients and so help prevent and/or manage a range of common physical and mental health conditions. Suitable for GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Read more